Panhandle-Plains Historical Review, Volume 89, 2018

Panhandle-Plains Historical Review, Volume 89, 2018

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Panhandle-Plains Historical Review, Volume LXXXIX, 2018


Features the PPHM director's comments, a word from the editor, Panhandle-Plains Historical Society information, multiple book reviews, as well as the following articles:

John Snider: Pioneer for All Seasons by Marty Kuhlman

Caught in Goodnight's Shadow: The Un-Illuminated Legacy of Colonel C.C. Slaughter by David J. Murrah

Panhandle Ranching in Brazil: Roy Vivian's Letters to Belle Burns of Channing by Alex Hunt and Timothy Foster

C. Stuart Johnston and the New Deal Paleontological Programs in the Texas Panhandle by Rolla H. Shaller, Christopher R. Lintz, and Gerald E. Schultz

Al Dewlen: The Best Novelist Texas Ever Forgot by John R. Erickson

"The Non-Violent, Non-Protesting Involved" Campus: West Texas State University During the 1960s by Marty Kuhlman